Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jessica Sprague Day 6 challenge - "True Story" April Thunder Hail" and "The Unicorn Tragedy"

Journaling: One of Marissa’s favorite stuffed animals was a little white unicorn she got in her Christmas stocking at Grandpa Ray’s. She brought it with her everywhere. This day she brought it to the zoo. I would hold it for her when she was looking at the animals in the fenced off areas so she wouldn’t drop it. Well, she and Blake ran so fast to see the reindeer and I could see time stop as her unicorn fell over the rail. Ohhh, there were tears and screaming, “What will happen to my unicorn?” She almost went over the rail after it. I assured her we would find a zoo keeper and see what they could do. We were so lucky that Ms. Sharon could help us out. She literally saved the day. After a hug and kiss; Marissa screamed but now my unicorn is all cold and snowy. A trip to the bathroom and the help of the hand dryer and we were all smiles again.

Journaling: April 2, 2011 we had pouring rain, thunder and lightening,and than lots of hail. Blake and Marissa wasted no time grabbing boots, coats, and shovels and went out to play.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jessica Sprague Template Challange 16 -- Chicago April 2011

I have been so overwhelmed with all the photos we took during our 3 day trip to the Windy City and I can't seem to get exctied about scrapping them. This is a good start; maybe now I will get them done!!!

Journaling: Our first family trip to Chicago was great! We conquered the train and the rain. We stayed near Millennium Park at the Hilton and could walk almost everywhere. Our first stop was the Shedd Aquarium and then ordered in amazing “Chicago style” pizza. Our 2nd adventure was on a taxi to the Science and Technology Museum and then we enjoyed McDonalds amongst the tall, tall buildings. Our last day in the windy (and rainy) city we saved for shopping at the American Girl store and the Lego store. We had a great time in Chicago and have vowed to go back!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Words+photo=perfection! Jessica Sprague weekly challange

I loved the Friday challange and had to keep it equal a LO for Blake and now a LO for Marissa! The quote fits this photo perfectly as it was taken by a professional photographer during dress rehersal. We didn't get any pictures during the performance because she wouldn't come on stage. She stated, "But I danced already! I wanted to come and sit with you and watch." She really was dancing like no one was watching, beacuse we weren't ;o)

I really like the intensity Blake was playing with. Way to go Blake!

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